We were born in 2007

...at the hand of our founder Rui Alves. RUPEAL stands for RUi PEdro ALves, original uh?

Rui was never a branding genius... :-)

Rui's vision was to put a different attitude on the market.

He struggled with his old company while working as a software engineer and believed that there was a better way of doing business.

Rui believed then, and still does now, that there are many ways for achieving success, but...

is the ultimate

Developing a People first culture

Why work so many hours if you're unhappy with what you do? We built a workplace where we wanted to work every single day, where happiness and excellence are done without much effort, and growth actually happens naturally as a side effect.

Today RUPEAL is a group of different businesses sharing the same culture.

We now have more than 10 years on the market and although we've been growing every single year, what makes us really proud is that we also have managed to touch, in one way or another, hundreds of different lives.

And that is what we're all about

It doesn't matter what you do. It's all about how and why you do it.

Growth is a consequence of having great products, services or brands. All of these three factors are influenced by how good you run your operations, your systems and ultimately, how you build your customer relationships. None of this is possible without the right people in the right culture.

If we want our people to take care of our customers, we need to set the example and show that we also care for them.

Catering the right culture is one of the toughest jobs we have.

That's why we coach and mentor our team all the time.
Our biggest challenge is to find the right people with the right mindset and there are no magic recipes for that.

Our Ultimate vision

Is to build a solid group of different businesses with the same focus on people and culture, add tremendous amounts of value to the market and make a lot of money in order to remain fully independent and pay everyone what they truly deserve.

We're here for
the long run!

Guiding Principles

We believe that having guiding principles is much more important than having a list of values on the wall that no one understands.

Instead, we've built a fundamental ethical and behavioural framework that anyone working within our companies can relate to and live by:

We expect nothing else but your best work, for that, it's normal that you fail, try again and give your best until you succeed. We want you to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

At the end of the day, we want everyone to feel well treated on our environment so we have zero tolerance policy for idiots on our team and we expect you to take care of each other. Show that you care. Show it with your actions and words.

At RUPEAL we want a familiar, friendly environment that promtes trust. Trust among us, trust with our customers, trust with our partners. Be a part of that environment, build it, nurture it. We know how important it is to feel part of something bigger than ourselves.

We don't want our customers to just like our products, services or brands. We aim for having raving fans of our experience! That's why we know we have to be constantly looking for delivering that "wow" factor that positively surprises who interacts with us. We take this very serisouly, and we know it starts on the inside.

Being humble is recognizing that we don't control most of our lives and that if we prosper today is because we're part of a collective intelligence that can uplift or destroy us. Celebrate our victories and know that tomorrow everything can be tested and change again. We thrive for living in gratitude and staying humble for what we are. Arrogance and significance don't last long at RUPEAL.

We all know the difference between doing what's right and doing what's wrong. Knowing and observing what works and what doesn't. Being responsible, honest and ethical is mandatory.

Constant and never ending improvement is part of our DNA. And we know we can only improve if we get constant feedback and coaching. That is why it's so important to get feedback in an open way and not take it personally. Otherwise we are unable to grow as human beings.

At the end of the day it is not who has the most resources that succeeds. It's the one who does the most with the resources it has at hands. We need to be creative to achieve the same or better results with the resources we have, that is why it's so important to always try and do more with less.

We know that everything that doesn't grow is actually dying. That is why we always strive for making different distinctions, searching for new knowledge that improves our lives, be it on the professional or personal level, will make us better collectively as a group. That is why it's so important that you pursue your personal growth and development.

Why work so many hours if you're not having fun? We expect you to have fun with us, have a great sense of humor, develop amazing connections and have a sense of purpose. Have fun! Otherwise, what's the point of what we do?

Our board
of directors

Rui Alves


Rui is the founder and CEO of RUPEAL group. He has a master in computer engineering and made many personal development courses. He is a volunteer at the largest coaching organization in the world and spends his time travelling the world. He hates sardines whichs makes him a unique kind of "Algarvio".

Duarte Fernandes


Duarte is the co-founder and director of KWAN and also InvoiceXpress and ClanHR great spiritual guide for sales. He has a master in psychology and has many other management and self development courses. His whole career has been about IT management and recruitment. His passion is people and for him dogs are also people.

Samuel Carapinha


Samuel starts his career in financial functions. After a few years, his people mindset quickly changed him to the HR world, which leads him to a new culture and country. Africa changes him and he is always in a "people first culture" mood. For him, a profitable and happy company can only be possible with great people and a internal and external client orientation.